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Delphi Podcast new episode #18: Prometheus Client for Delphi

2023-05-25 2 min read Marco Breveglieri

I published a new episode (number 18!) for Delphi Podcast, the first podcast dedicated to Delphi in Italian language!

In this episode we talk about the new Delphi client for Prometheus: it is an open source library that lets you define, update and export your metric values to Prometheus, one of the most fantastic monitoring and alerting tool available.

We already talked about this on a previous blog post .

Prometheus is an open source system designed to help developers and operators in monitoring their (micro)services by collecting values called “metrics” from them.

This tool is widely used in systems based on distributed services and it offers a wide range of features to collect data and determine the performances of any individual component of your system, whether they are software modules designed by yourself or any other third-party piece of software, such as messaging servers.

Here is where the Delphi Client for Prometheus comes into play: thanks to this library - which is free and open source - Delphi developers have the chance to easily integrate Prometheus support into their own services and get able to manage and return metric values in order to allow monitoring and analysis of performance data over time.

In this podcast episode, we explore the main features of this client in detail and discover the potential it has to offer to Delphi developers, from defining metrics in an easy way to keeping their updated and eventually exporting them as and endpoint that supplies data to Prometheus virtually leveraging any of the available libraries for REST API development.

That said, you can find all the information you need (links and references) and listen to the episode online (or even download it) visiting its related info sheet .

Happy listening! 🎧