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My free e-book Delphi Succinctly has been added to Delphi Books site

2024-06-05 2 min read Marco Breveglieri

Way back in 2016, I proposed adding a new gem to the e-book series edited by Syncfusion : an introductory book dedicated to Delphi.

Syncfusion is a very well-known company in the field of software development: it produces libraries, frameworks and customized solutions, but it is also globally famous for a series of books called Succinctly.

As the name itself suggests, each book in this series aims to briefly explore a language, a tool or a technology, telling just what you should know about to grasp it, in approximately 100 clear and illustrated pages.

The “Succinctly Series” series currently has more than 200 e-books in total , all available for free at the price of simply registering on their site.

You can imagine my happyness when my proposal to write an e-book about Delphi was accepted!

The book is a few years old, however its contents are still perfectly valid, even in the most recent versions of Delphi.

Well, recently the book “Delphi Succinctly” was added to the great catalog of Delphi Books .

Delphi Books: the best Delphi books site

Delphi Books is a site maintained by Patrick Prémartin (Embarcadero MVP). It collects all the best books on Delphi, both free and paid, sorted from the most recent to the oldest and filterable by language.

A few days ago my book has been listed to this site and now it has a dedicated sheet , which includes a general description, a table of contents and others salient details.

I am truly honored to be part of this glorious gallery.

Delphi Succinctly: a few words about the book

In “Delphi Succinctly” I explore the basics of Delphi and how to take the first steps to create applications for different platforms and devices.

Here is an overview of the contents you can find in the book:

  • Getting started with Delphi
  • Building your first app
  • Use the IDE
  • The Object Pascal language
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Development of real-world and cross-platform applications

It is written in English, but given the technical nature of the volume it should not be difficult to follow even for those who are fond of Italian.

If you have friends, collaborators or relatives who wants to take a brief look at Delphi and have a weekend to spare, don’t esitate and invite them to download Delphi Succinctly !

They will thank you, perhaps. I will for sure. đŸ˜œ