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Let's meet at ITDevCon 2023 European Delphi Conference in Rome! (October, 27-28)

2023-10-23 4 min read Marco Breveglieri

Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October I will be in Rome to attend ITDevCon European Delphi Conference .

The event is a must for the Delphi community and it is now an almost unmissable event, a tradition so to speak.

There will be two days full of contents and updates on the most recent technologies and methodologies that intruigue us all as developers, combined with the invaluable networking and the chance to meet other colleagues to exchange experiences but also jokes and funny moments, since these are the real salt that gives flavor to everything.

I am looking forward to meet you in person in Rome and it will be a real pleasure of mine sharing my (modest) knowledge and (extreme) passion for development. 😊

My sessions

As you probably have imagined, I will also be there and - if I manage to finish my slides in time 😇 - I will present three sessions on somewhat particular topics, especially for Delphi developers (see below for details).

That said, see you in Rome! 🎇

Quick and easy web applications with Alpine.js

Alpine.js is an innovative solution that dramatically simplifies frontend development.

It is a library known for being accessible at any level of expertise, particularly facilitating its adoption by developers less fluent in JavaScript or fond of rigid and strongly typed languages, but without sacrificing the chance of creating responsive and engaging web applications.

In this session we will discover together how Alpine.js simplifies interactions with the browser’s DOM by managing the state of the entire application, while still offering a fluid development experience that combines the immediacy of libraries like JQuery and the power of renowned frameworks like Vue.JS or React.

Thanks to practical and clear examples, we will see how to leverage this potential in the design of Web applications with Delphi.

Create ultra-high-performance websites with Astro Framework

As Delphi developers we are all devoted to this language, by which we can really create any type of project. However, when we have to create traditional websites focused on content (a blog, a personal portfolio, the website of our voluntary association) then we have to leave the “comfort zone” and juggle with JavaScript, a very different language from the one we are familiar with.

Sometimes we embark on the study of complex libraries and frameworks, which require scripting even for basic needs; in other scenarios we opt for “turnkey” packages such as the classic WordPress, just to mention one, but that requires to be familiar with PHP to customize it.

In this talk we will discover Astro, a revolutionary but powerful framework that allows us to achieve great results with little effort, and we will see how it promotes the creation of extremely fast websites through the adoption of a strategy static rendering and advanced image management.

It will be a complete and practical journey, seen through the eyes of the Delphi developer, from the first steps to the deployment phase of our web site in a production environment.

Leverage Twitch APIs with Delphi: transform your passion into an engaging experience

Twitch is one of the most popular and influential live streaming and video on-demand platforms dedicated to video games and entertainment. Today it allows anyone to share what they want, be it playing, doing art, playing music, cooking, fitness, and (not surprisingly) even programming!

The opportunities this platform offers are many: show your passions, building a solid community of friends and collaborators, chatting and interacting with the public in real time, doing some networking, but also monetizing for those who want it. It’s not only a place to share your interests and talents with the world, but also a platform where you can build a career, earn some money, and create meaningful relationships with your audience.

This talk will take you into the compelling world of Twitch, where sociality meets technology: I will tell you about my experience, the possibilities that this platform makes available, and to satisfy your “technical appetite” as a developer, we will see how to do some automation using the Twitch API from Delphi code, customizing your channel and its behavior, interacting with your viewers, in short, unlocking all its enormous potential.