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Webinar - Monitor your microservices using Prometheus (replay)

2023-10-19 2 min read Video

This is the replay (in Italian language) of the webinar held last October 19 by Reteinformaticalavoro - a Web portal dedicated to work in the IT field, titled Monitor your microservices using Prometheus.

In this webinar we explored the main features of Prometheus , an opensource tool that most companies adopt for monitoring their software systems, whether they are built with microservices or not.

Furthermore, we went deep on how to install, configure and use it for checking the health status of all the services involved withing a software system, including those we develop ourselves but also thid party ones, like databases, messaging brokers, server machines, hardware devices, operating systems and many more, done through collecting the values of metrics, the data we can collect and analyze with the aim of improving performance and efficienty of the entire system over time, but above all identifying problems in advance before they impact users or even worse… needy customers!

Lineup of topics

This is the list of topics covered in the webinar:

  • Overview of Prometheus, its architecture and operating principles
  • Installation and configuration of the jobs to be monitored
  • Exposing metrics via Client Libraries using your favorite programming language
  • Integration with plugins and other tools for extracting and graphing the collected data
  • Resources for additional insights, conclusions and Q & A session

Goal of the webinar

The webinar is recommended to all those involved in the software development of systems that leverage microservices, but also to system engineers and IT managers, or simple hobbyists who would want to exploit the potential of this tool and deepen their understanding of the performance of their software in order to take control of it, improving its efficiency and general reliability.

At the end of the webinar, participants will acquire a complete understanding of the potential of Prometheus and the benefits deriving from its use, and will be able to approach the installation, configuration and exposure of metrics from their services in order to keep them monitored while gaining full knowledge about performance issues of their software.

Download slides and samples (in Italian language)