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Talk - Let's smash the monolith! Towards microservices but without fear (ITDevCon 2022)

2023-05-26 1 min read Video

This is the replay of the talk held last November 3, 2022 at ITDevCon - European Delphi Conference and entitled: “Let’s break the monolith! 🪨 Towards microservices 🧩, but without fear”.

The goal of this speech (and I hope I have achieved it) is to put at ease the mind of who find themselves a bit dazed by all the requirements and the overall complexity a system structures as microservices has.

This talk is about approaching microservices one step at a time, taking the “good parts” when needed and where they have benefits, thus leaving a purely dogmatic way of intend this architecture and focusing on pratical aspects.

Enjoy your vision! 😉