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Webinar - Unit Testing for everyone using C# language (Italian)

2023-05-05 2 min read Video

This is the replay of the webinar (in Italian language) held on 4 May 2023 on Reteinformaticalavoro YouTube channel, the portal dedicated to the world of work with specialization in the IT field, with the title Unit Testing for everyone using C# language.

If you have never written automated test to verify the quality of your code, this webinar is right for you! We’ll see an overview of what are good testing practices and their advantages using the C# programming language to code our examples.

Lineup of topics

Here is the list of topics covered in the webinar:

  • The ABC of testing: the fundamental requisites of “professional” testing
  • Different types of tests for different purposes: Unit vs Integration Tests
  • Make our tests totally independent through the use of Stubs and Mocks
  • Libraries and tools that can help us in creating good tests
  • Resources and further insights, questions and answers

Goal of the webinar

This webinar aims to provide the knowledge of what are the minumum requisites to met for writing tests that are correct and effective. At the end of this webinar, the attendants will be able to start the art of testing in their software development tasks, as standalone developers or as a member of a team, going deeper and learning new modern and widespread programming techniques that are based on right testing as a fundamental “pillar”, like TDD (Test Driven Development).

This webinar can be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning about testing and its uses. No particular skills are required, since the topics are focused on easing this path and facilitate the adopion of tests, their right creation and maintenance, in a simple and accessible way.

Download slides and samples