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Webinar - Create low code applications for desktop and mobile using Delphi (replay)

2023-02-10 3 min read Video

This is the replay (in Italian language) of the webinar held last February 9 by Reteinformaticalavoro - a Web portal dedicated to work in the IT field, titled Create low code applications for desktop and mobile using Delphi.

In this webinar we explored the main features of Delphi, a development environment and programming language created by Borland years ago and maintained today by Idera/Embarcadero which continues the development and release of new versions on a six-monthly basis.

Why this webinar? Delphi is a tool known by many developers but often relegated to “school memories”, in part due to the lower firepower of product-related marketing which does not have the same strength and penetration as products supported by big players such as Microsoft and Google, to name a few, which often act as a driving force towards the adoption of strategic technologies for these companies by distributing their environments for free (“freemium”, to be more precise).

However, Delphi has nothing to envy to other development languages and tools, as you can see in this webinar. It allows us to create various kinkds of applications and services in a few minutes and with minimum effort, adopting a RAD approach based on visual design, writing very little code (low code) and rapidly building software projects, starting from the prototyping phase up to the completion of the complete product.

Delphi is a modern and extensive dialect of the famous Pascal and embodies all the prerogatives of the main programming languages used today, with complete support for OOP, functional programming and embracing the most widespread and well-known paradigms and patterns.

However, the code is soo simple and readable and this makes it suitable for those who want to learn how to develop software and get involved into this for work, as self-employed or a software house team member.

Lineup of topics

This is the list of topics covered in the webinar:

  • Introduction to Delphi: features, available editions and benefits
  • Overview of the environment (IDE), the projects that can be created and some components
  • Creation of a sample application and some crossplatform demo

Goal of the webinar

The webinar is recommended for software developers and its main objective is exposing the potential that Delphi has to offer, with practical and understandable examples, also comparing it with the alternatives available on the market.

Talking about jobs and occupation, these contents can also be useful to those who are looking for a simple, easy and powerful tool they can adopt to be immediately productive to develop desktop and mobile software with a reduced effort, in order to train themselves and access the software development market and the opportunities it offers, like

  • as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) as a self-employed person,
  • applying to companies that are looking for people to join their staff,
  • launching an innovative startup that needs to create a product with a limited “time to market” and the need to immediately consolidate investments.

Last but not least, introduce the playful variable of experimentation thanks to a somewhat different and fun way of developing software.

Download the PDF presentation file