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Webinar - MongoDB: everything you need to know to use it right away

2023-03-10 2 min read Video

This is the replay of the webinar (in Italian language) held on 9 March 2023 on Reteinformaticalavoro YouTube channel, the portal dedicated to the world of work with specialization in the IT field, with the title MongoDB: everything you need to know to use it right away.

In this webinar you will see the main features of MongoDB , a NoSQL database that is becoming more popular among developers every day, thanks to its flexibility and scalability that are well suited to the needs of modern software development.

We will explore all the fundamental elements of the MongoDB architecture (documents, collections, indexes, etc.), how they work and how they can be managed using official tools and other third-party tools, via practical and intuitive examples.

In addition to the basic data operations, we will also see how it is possible to create a simple cluster to redundant data and make their storage more secure, or to divide them into so-called “shards” in order to increase performance.

Ultimately, you’ll discover how MongoDB can truly improve your development experience and make your applications more robust, performant, and scalable.

Lineup of topics

This is the list of topics covered in the webinar:

  • Introduction to MongoDB and to NoSQL databases
  • Installation of MongoDB, the essential companion tools and their role
  • Creating databases, collections and indexes, basic CRUD operations, search and aggregations
  • Introduction to GridFS for file management
  • Redundancy and scalability: how to configure “Replica Set” and “Sharding”
  • Resources for insights, conclusions and Q&A

Goal of the webinar

The goal of the webinar is to provide participants with the as complete as possible overview of MongoDB’s unique features, when and why to use it instead of or beside a traditional RDBMS, and how to perform basic data structuring operations right away, up to management of the most advanced scenarios but which make this database a unique tool.

The webinar is recommended to all developers, beginners or experts, who do not know (or know little about) MongoDB and want to discover the potential of this database and understand in which scenarios this innovative tool can give concrete support to effective development and running of your software system.

Download slides and samples