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Webinar - SOLID principles using C# language (Italian)

2023-04-14 2 min read Video

This is the replay of the webinar (in Italian language) held on 13 April 2023 on Reteinformaticalavoro YouTube channel, the portal dedicated to the world of work with specialization in the IT field, with the title SOLID principles using C# language.

What are SOLID principles? They are fundamental principles in software design that form the basis for the development of robust, modular and flexible software, which are often overlooked or considered “secondary”, or deemed too complex to learn and master in writing code.

This webinar is therefore the ideal opportunity to learn and grasp these principles, which I try to illustrate in the clearest and simplest way, through practical and targeted examples. The language used is C# (with .NET 6.0), but all the concepts and code examined will be completely understandable even to those who use different languages and development platforms.

We will take a journey into the “demystification” of SOLID principles, clarifying them individually and seeing how to exploit them in your daily software development activity, optionally in combination with other more or less known techniques, patterns and paradigms.

Lineup of topics

Here is the list of topics covered in the webinar:

  • The relevance of managing coupling and cohesion aspects in complex software systems
  • What are the 5 SOLID principles and how do they apply in the daily activity of software development
  • All the benefits you can get from these principles and how to practice their use
  • Resources for additional insights, conclusions, Q&A

Goal of the webinar

The goal is to make the participants able to understand how to apply SOLID principles to their programming activity, practicing their use and thus making their own code more transparent, clean and easily modifiable, enabling programming methodologies, patterns and modern development frameworks, while increasing the degree of confidence and mastery of both your own code and the code being written by third parties (if they apply the same principles, too).

The webinar is recommended for all developers, regardless of their experience, and more generally anyone who is interested in writing code while raising its quality and making it withstand the challenge of time.

Download slides and samples