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Webinar - Create low code applications for desktop and mobile using Delphi (replay)

2023-02-10 3 min read Video

This is the replay (in Italian language) of the webinar held last February 9 by Reteinformaticalavoro - a Web portal dedicated to work in the IT field, titled Create low code applications for desktop and mobile using Delphi.

In this webinar we explored the main features of Delphi, a development environment and programming language created by Borland years ago and maintained today by Idera/Embarcadero which continues the development and release of new versions on a six-monthly basis.

Why this webinar? Delphi is a tool known by many developers but often relegated to “school memories”, in part due to the lower firepower of product-related marketing which does not have the same strength and penetration as products supported by big players such as Microsoft and Google, to name a few, which often act as a driving force towards the adoption of strategic technologies for these companies by distributing their environments for free (“freemium”, to be more precise).

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New Webinar! Create low code Delphi application for desktop and mobile with Delphi

2023-02-08 2 min read Marco Breveglieri

On 9 February 2023 at 18.30 Reteinformaticalavoro - the number 1 Italian portal dedicated to work in the IT sector and specialized in supporting IT professionals in finding opportunities suited to their needs - organizes a webinar (in Italian language) called “Creating low code applications for desktop and mobile with Delphi” featuring myself, and I want sincerely thanks them for this opportunity. 🙂

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New blog, new life! 🤗

2023-01-15 3 min read Marco Breveglieri

The scope of this first article is to welcome you to my new technical blog.

Why you need a new blog?

For some time I have been playing around with the idea of setting up a new space where I can share articles, news, resources and updates regarding my work, social and extra activities (why not?), always linked to my professional figure as a software developer, consultant and trainer, of course.

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